Ellwood City, founded in 1892 as a resort town, had a beautiful amusement park like almost every other city at that time.  There was a time when about 2,000 parks existed around the country, many parks were built as "Trolley Parks", meaning they were built at the end of a trolley line, as a way to get people to ride the trolleys.  Ellwood City's Rock Point Park, was built with almost the same concept in mind but as a "Railroad Park".  Unfortunately, the beginning of the end of Rock Point occurred in 1914 when a spark from the train's engine started a fire that destroyed most of the park.  Rock Point Park was one of the thousands of parks that didn't survive into the 1990's. 

Another Rock Point Park Site

Since this site was a created in 1999, a site devoted entirely to Rock Point Park was created. There's a lot of news surrounding the current property of Rock Point. Visit the following link for a wealth of information.

Rock Point Park - Memories of a bygone amusement park

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