Thank You -

      Kelly Petrachkoff, for each of the excellent pictures below, and their descriptions.

Side of Ballroom. To the right was the miniature golf course.

Back side of ballroom which I think was a restaurant.

Side of Ballroom. Front of Ballroom inside ticket booth.

Back of Ballroom & Jack Rabbit station. Jack Rabbit station.

Jack Rabbit station from parking lot. Ballroom from parking lot.

Midway looking toward the back of the ballroom. Games & concessions would have been on the left. Ballroom from entrance. Jack Rabbit on right.

Sold Out! Ticket Booth Ballroom to right. Kiddie land looking toward Wildcat. Collapsed french fry stand on left.

Midway toward park View. The Lost River was to the left, intertwined with the Wildcat. Midway looking toward Park View. Wildcat on left.

Midway towards Parkview. Games and concession on right. WildCat on left Looking across the midway toward picnic area. Games & concessions would be on right.

Icee Stand outside kiddie land. Baby Wildcat - a kiddie coaster. Bath house and kiddie land on right.

This is not the original entrance, but it's the one I remember. It was put in, in the 50's I think. Looking toward Jack Rabbit from picnic area.

What's left of the 'Turtle'. Back side of ballroom which I think was a restaurant.

In the ballroom.

In the ballroom.

Bar in the ballroom. In the ballroom.
In the ballroom basement. Some kind of radio on a workbench in a work area under the ballroom.
An old kiddie ride in the ballroom basement.


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