Michael E. Costello has been visiting Conneaut Lake Park since his youth; at that time, he developed a strong interest in amusement park history. Growing up in western Pennsylvania, Mike enjoyed exposure to many traditional amusement parks.

"I was used to going to Kennywood and Waldameer Park during the summers while growing up. We didn't go to Conneaut Lake as often simply because our school district sold discount Kennyood tickets for our annual school picnics. When I did go to CLP in my youth for the first time, there was something about it that intrigued me.

When we arrived at the Park that day, we parked the car somewhere on the park grounds, near the Wild Mouse. I was about 6 years old at the time and I remember it being strange that we were able to park inside the park right next to rides! I also remember the place looking rather shabby and worn yet despite that, there were people all over the place and it was packed. I also remember it being strange that there were little houses scattered throughout the grounds and cars were driving around in the park. It was almost as though the park was a little city or neighborhood with rides and other amusements mixed in. Very weird yet very cool.

For a while we didn't visit CLP and I remember when I heard the park had closed forever. I was actually a little sad hearing this; strange for a kid in elementary school. I also remember a couple years later when the park reopened. We visited one more time in the year 2000 and a very strange thing happened to me that day.  I became almost enchanted by the old resort with its vintage architecture, grand trees along the midway, and unique atmosphere. You could almost feel the happy times still lingering in the air from the millions of people that visited over the years."

Mike currently resides in the Walt Disney World-built "non-town" of Celebration, Florida, just minutes away from the world's most renown theme parks and attractions.

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