In the last decade of the 1800s when amusement parks were first springing up all over the United States, people didn't go to them for the same reasons as they do today. Back then, people traveled to parks to relax and escape the pressures of daily life. Dressed in their best attire, they would pack a picnic basket, hop on a trolley headed to the park, and enjoy the summer day.

In the city of New Castle, Pennsylvania, Cascade Park, originally known as Brinton Park, was the area's concept of just that. Originally a place to enjoy the beautiful Big Run Creek and its waterfalls in addition to a couple small eating establishments, a dance hall, and a few primitve amusements made a trip to Cascade Park irrisistable.

The present Cascade Park, stripped of its amusement rides, has taken on the form of a natural park or picnic grove once again. Occasionally, you can still catch a Big Band dance in the large Victorian dance pavilion and the beautiful waterfall that gave Cascade Park its name can still leave a person in awe. Many generations continue to visit because of the park's natural charm.

While many of Cascade's sisterparks have been bulldozed completely, and nothing remains of the past, Cascade survives. Sure, the famous Comet Coaster is gone and one can no longer eat those vinegar fries anymore but we are lucky to have Cascade Park as a reminder of a rich past and of the changing times.

Hopefully this site helps guests relive some memories, learn something new, and have a little fun. If you have memories, film footage, photos, souveniers, or anything that you would like to contribute and share, please email us. 


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