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The Comet was among Cascade Park's most famous attractions ever. This coaster was rare in that as soon as the trains left the station, there was an immediate drop into the ravine. The chain lift was actually in the middle of the ride. The journey the Comet had through Cascade Park was scenic, and ran very close to the trees and creek.

CP710000.jpg (27821 bytes)This is not a Comet train, but it is the same, N.A.D. model that ran on the Comet roller coaster.


  • Builder- Paul Vesco

  • 1955

  • National Amusement Device trains

  • Replaced Billy Glenn's "Gorge", and may have made use of some of the old Gorge ride.

    Length: 2400' 

    Height: 65'

    Drop: 60' 

    Max Vertical Angle: 55 Degrees

CP721000.jpg (25496 bytes) The Comet was destroyed in the mid eighties, when Paul Vesco was told to have his rides removed. Another Golden Age coaster, lost. If this ride were ever rebuilt, it wouldn't be very hard to do so. Almost every footer is still in tact, the bridges at the bottom of the ravine are still there, and some of the loading station footers remain as well. When it was demolished, aCP716000.jpg (113316 bytes)lot of the coaster was dumped on the hillside. During the comet's final days, it suffered and died a painful death. Vandals pushed the trains out of the loading station, a tree fell across the tracks, and the ride sat till it was destroyed by the wreckers ball. The Comet is a part of history and still rides in the memories of many.

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An article that appeared in the New Castle news in the mid 1980s.CP719000.jpg (42507 bytes)

These offer good before and after shots.

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